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NeuroShell Classifier  類神經網路分類器




1.第一次的訓練方法,我們稱之為"神經法"基於演算法稱為 Turboprop2,由 Scott Fahlman 發明的卡耐基 · 梅隆大學的著名級聯相關演算法的變體。TurboProp2 動態增長隱藏的神經元和列車速度非常快。TurboProp2 模型的建立 (訓練) 在幾秒鐘內相比更舊的神經網路類型為小時。

 2.第二種方法,"遺傳訓練法",是遺傳演算法變異的概率神經網路 (PNN) 由唐納德 · 拜切特發明的。它訓練出的樣本模式 ; 中的一切它基本上做一個"一個持有出"技術,也被稱為"刀切法"交叉驗證"。如果使用這種方法訓練時,你基本上看設置出的樣品的培訓。當您不具有許多模式上進行訓練時,此方法是因此極為有效。遺傳訓練方法時間長,培訓更多模式添加到訓練集。

The NeuroShell Classifier was crafted from the beginning to excel at solving classification and decision making problems. NeuroShell Classifier can detect categories in new data based upon the categories it learned from case histories. Outputs are categories such as {cancer, benign}, {buy, sell, hold}, {acidic, neutral, alkaline}, {highly qualified, qualified, unqualified}, {winner, loser}, {product 1, product 2, … , product N}, {decision 1, decision2, … , decision N}. Like the NeuroShell Predictor, it has the latest proprietary neural and genetic classifiers with no parameters to set. These are our most powerful networks. It reads and writes text files.

The classification algorithms are the crowning achievement of several years of research. Gone are the days of dozens of parameters that must be artistically set to create a good model without over-fitting. Gone are the days of hiring a neural net expert or a statistician to build your predictive models.

Two of the most commonly heard complaints about previous classification systems, aside from being too hard to use, are that they are too slow or that they do not accurately tell you how important each of the variables is to the model. We've taken care of those problems. That's why we have two training models from which to choose:

1. The first training method, which we call the “neural method” is based on an algorithm called Turboprop2, a variant of the famous Cascade Correlation algorithm invented at Carnegie Mellon University by Scott Fahlman. TurboProp2 dynamically grows hidden neurons and trains very fast. TurboProp2 models are built (trained) in a matter of seconds compared to hours for older neural networks types.

2. The second method, the “genetic training method”, is a genetic algorithm variation of the Probabilistic neural Net (PNN) invented by Donald Specht. It trains everything in an out-of-sample mode; it is essentially doing a "one-hold-out" technique, also called "jackknife" or "cross validation". If you train using this method, you are essentially looking at the training set out-of-sample. This method is therefore extremely effective when you do not have many patterns on which to train. The genetic training method takes longer to train as more patterns are added to the training set.

The genetic method provides an analysis of independent variables (inputs) to help you determine which ones are most important in your model.

The NeuroShell Classifier is so easy to use that it doesn't need a manual! Instead, there is an "Instructor" that guides you through making the classification models. At every stage of the Instructor, our extensive help file will give you all the information you need. When you have learned from the Instructor, you can turn it off and work from the toolbar or menus. The program does include an on-line, context sensitive reference manual that you may print yourself or just browse from your computer.

Finally, for those who want to embed the resulting neural models into your own programs, or to distribute the results, there is an optional Run-Time Server available. Classifier models may be distributed without incurring royalties or other fees.


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