EViews 5.0 時間序列分析軟體


很高興能宣布EViews 5 如期的更新,今天EViews 透過用統計軟體的傳統技術混合最好的現代化電子表格和相關的資料庫技術,接續傳統的革新。這結果是一個空前的計畫提供我們熟悉地容易使用EViews 的介面。


不論你想要處理 cross-section data, panel data, 不規則日期的金融資料或簡單時間序列資料,EViews 5 能簡化管理您的資料的過程。您不需要在打開EViews前,從多個來源結合資料或先更新資料。新的連接和更新技術可以讓您加進工作檔案(workfile)中,藉著方程式、相對結合、頻率變換和參考外部資料。並且假如您的工作需求超過簡單的數字,新的字母和日期處理特徵將能達到您的要求。


Data import and export have never been easier. If your data are currently in Excel, SPSS, SAS, Stata, Rats, TSP, or over a dozen other popular file formats, simply drag-and drop your file onto EViews and the data will automatically appear. EViews automatically detects the number of rows and columns in your dataset, determines the data type of each column, and even automatically analyzes the date structure, frequency and range of the incoming data. EViews 5 also understands HTML, making importing data from web pages a snap. And support for ODBC in the EViews Enterprise Edition makes it easy to exchange data with your company database, including products such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2.


But EViews 5 is not simply about data management. Powerful new statistical techniques have been added to the already impressive EViews toolkit. For time series analysis, new GARCH estimators, band-pass filters, and equation diagnostic tools are now available. Panel data analysis is supported by a new panel workfile structure, with new panel unit root tests, dynamic panel data estimators, and a full compliment of fixed and random effects specifications. New functions for dealing with categorical data, including but not limited to the automatic generation of categorical dummy variables, simplify the process of analyzing cross-section and panel data.


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